Jun 26 • 37M

Golf Performance Routines w/ Dr. Harry van der Lei (Part 3)

Peak Performance Blueprint: Purposeful Practice and Optimal Performance States

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Noah Sachs, Ed.D., CMPC, PGA
Noah Sachs explores topics related to coaching and elite sports performance. Through interviews, books, and personal experiences, Noah shares ideas and discusses concepts that can help coaches and athletes perform at the highest level.
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Purposeful Practice

Before you start your practice, you should have a simple purpose. That one little statement “what is my purpose today” makes you more focused on a certain aspect of your golf game that you will pay more attention to.


Optimal Neurophysiological Performance State

During the trust phase, we want to see a shift from the left to the right brain hemisphere. Because if we have a lot of activity in the brain's left hemisphere, the golfer is being too analytical, which we don’t want during the trust phase.


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0:59 — Talent vs. Hard Work

4:26 — Deliberate Practice

7:25 — Effective Coach Communication

8:45 — Ideal Physical & Mental State Before Executing The Shot

13:13 — Bernhard Langer Putting Routine Story

19:39 — Quality vs. Quantity in Pre-Shot Routines

25:05 — Empathy in Coaching

27:23 — Book Recommendations

31:39 — Current Projects


Book Recommendation #1: Optimizing Performance in Golf

Book Recommendation #2: Why We Sleep

Book Recommendation #3: The Birth Order Book

Book Recommendation #4: Autobiography of a Yogi

Dr. van der Lei’s Website: Hourglass Performance Institute

Breathing Program: One With Breathing Program

About Dr. Harry van der Lei

Harry van der Lei was born in Groningen, Holland. He graduated in 1989 from the College of Physical Therapy in Holland and moved to the United States where he specialized in Sports Rehabilitation.

He earned a Master’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science, majoring in Sport Psychology, from the University of Utah in 2003. While at U of U, Harry worked as a sport physical therapist for the US Speed Skating Association.

Harry received a doctoral degree with a specialization in Sport Psychology from Florida State University where he served as a mental performance consultant for the Florida State University Men’s and Women’ Golf Program from 2003-2018.

Harry has worked as a sport physical therapist and as a mental performance expert with a wide variety of athletes, from amateurs to numerous world champions and Olympic gold winners. Currently, as a mental performance consultant, Harry specializes in golf performance and stress management.

As an athlete himself, Harry played amateur soccer in Holland, semi-professional soccer for the Orlando Lions in Florida, holds a black belt in Taekwondo, and has run several half and full marathons. Harry is a certified member of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) with a specialization in stress management. He also serves as a reviewer for the journal of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.

In general, Harry strives to help and teach others the principles of optimal performance, health, and well-being, while emphasizing the awareness of breathing in life!