May 29 • 37M

Cognitive Fitness w/ Gary Stebbing (Part 2)

Periodized Cognitive Fitness: Maximizing Mental Performance

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Noah Sachs, Ed.D., CMPC, PGA
Noah Sachs explores topics related to coaching and elite sports performance. Through interviews, books, and personal experiences, Noah shares ideas and discusses concepts that can help coaches and athletes perform at the highest level.
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Consequences of Goals

People who sustain excellence at the highest level understand all of those things and they're non-negotiable. Their goal has taken such a place in their life that they design their life to achieve it.



The biggest mistake I see is the premature establishment of goals and solutions. Not building a rich enough picture of reality. Selecting goals because they think they're the right goals, rather than spending the time to decide what the right goal is.


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0:29 — Complex Systems & Constraints-Led Approach

5:12 — Golf Example of Constraints-Led Approach

8:53 — Holistic Approach to Coaching

12:53 — Cognitive Fitness

15:39 — Periodization

21:53 — Barriers to Cognitive Fitness Training

23:32 — Consequences of Goals

26:43 — Common Mistakes & Recommendations

29:03 — What’s Something You’ve Changed Your Mind On?

31:36 — Book Recommendations

33:36 — Current Projects


Research Paper #1: Training or Synergizing? Complex Systems Principles Change the Understanding of Sport Processes

Research Paper #2: Cognitive Fitness Framework: Towards Assessing, Training and Augmenting Individual-Difference Factors Underpinning High-Performance Cognition

Book Recommendation #1: Thinking in Systems

Book Recommendation #2: Metaskills: Five Talents for the Robotic Age

Book Recommendation #3: Mastery

About Gary Stebbing

Gary Stebbing is based in the United Kingdom. His primary areas of interest are building and sustaining excellence, and human performance. He studied Sport & Exercise Science as an undergraduate and Performance Psychology as a post graduate, and has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) for 21 years. 

He is the founder and principal of EVO-C, a thinking capabilities and world building consultancy.