May 22 • 28M

Cognitive Fitness w/ Gary Stebbing (Part 1)

Ripple Effect: Evaluating the Impact of Goals on Your Life

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Dr. Noah Sachs, PGA
Noah Sachs explores topics related to coaching and elite sports performance. Through interviews, books, and personal experiences, Noah shares ideas and discusses concepts that can help coaches and athletes perform at the highest level.
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Understanding The Problem

We don't spend enough time understanding the reality. We are focused on creating the solution.


Consequences of Goals

Often people get these ideas about goals and things they want but don't really think through the impact those things will have on their life.


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0:43 — Academic & Professional Background

1:59 — Experience as Professional Athlete

3:41 — Five Minds of Coaching

6:36 — Deep Generalist & Creativity

9:53 — The Disciplined Mind

11:02 — The Synthesizing Mind

15:13 — Understand The Reality of a Problem

19:06 — Assessments & Being a Deep Generalist

21:33 — Impact of Goals on Your Life

25:02 — The Respectful Mind

26:03 — The Ethical Mind


Research Paper: The Five Minds of the Modern Strength and Conditioning Coach: The Challenges for Professional Development

Book Recommendation: Five Minds for the Future

Book Recommendation: Exploring Wicked Problems: What They Are and Why They Are Important

About Gary Stebbing

Gary Stebbing is based in the United Kingdom. His primary areas of interest are building and sustaining excellence, and human performance. He studied Sport & Exercise Science as an undergraduate and Performance Psychology as a post graduate, and has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) for 21 years. 

He is the founder and principal of EVO-C, a thinking capabilities and world building consultancy.