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Learning from Experiences: Elevate Your Golf Game through Systematic Reflection

Uncover Insights, Optimize Practice, and Achieve Emotional Closure

By engaging in this systematic post-round reflection process, you can gain valuable insights, make data-driven improvements, and set yourself up for success in future events.

We do not learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience. — John Dewey

Why Are Post-Round Reflections Important?

  1. Systematic Evaluation: Reflection allows for an objective assessment of your performance, combining both data analysis and personal intuition to gain insights into how and why you played the way you did.

  2. Future Practice Plans: By identifying areas of improvement through reflection, you can develop targeted practice plans that focus on enhancing specific aspects of your game.

  3. Emotional Closure: Engaging in a systematic reflection process provides emotional closure, allowing you to process your feelings and emotions related to your performance. This enables you to move forward and enjoy other aspects of your life without constantly dwelling on your golf performance.

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The Components of a Post-Round Reflection:

  1. Feel: How do you feel about your performance?

  2. Reality:

    1. Where did you lose the most strokes?

    2. Where did you gain the most strokes?

    3. How does your perception of your performance differ from what the data suggests?

  3. Continue: What strengths or successes did you demonstrate in this event that you aim to sustain and build upon moving forward?

  4. Improve:

    1. What didn't go well in this event that you want to improve upon before the next one?

    2. What specific actions do you intend to take in order to enhance those areas before the next event?

  5. Learn: What did you learn through competing in this event?


Sample Reflection Form - Download Here

Post Round Reflection Slides
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Golf Performance Newsletter
Golf Performance Newsletter
Noah Sachs, Ed.D., CMPC, PGA