Aug 28 • 1HR 9M

Speed Training w/ Dr. Sasho MacKenzie

Decoding the Science Behind Club Head Speed

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Noah Sachs, Ed.D., CMPC, PGA
Noah Sachs explores topics related to coaching and elite sports performance. Through interviews, books, and personal experiences, Noah shares ideas and discusses concepts that can help coaches and athletes perform at the highest level.
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The Club Head Speed Formula

From a biomechanics standpoint those four components, they don't impact club head speed, they 100% determine club head speed. It's an actual equation. And I will know, to the mile per hour what your club head speed is if I know what those four things are.


Misconceptions About Speed & Power

Power is the most misused term and it's misused a lot in the strength & conditioning field and by commentators. Usually, it's thrown in with the word speed, like it's a different thing. We gotta increase our speed and power. But they're not really different things, and they're not even really in the same category.


How To Improve Green Reading

If you want to improve your green reading, you need to see more unique putts. And if I watch people practicing their putting, the vast majority of people hit random putts, not really paying attention to whether they miss left or right.


Intention of Speed Training

My objective for most golfers using '“The Stack System” is to swing faster with less effort.


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1:26 — Academic & Professional Background

3:03 — Research Inspired by Tiger Woods Comment

4:24 — Dr. MacKenzie’s Background in Golf

6:54 — What is Variable Inertia Speed Training?

9:13 — How Was The Stack System Developed?

14:44 — How Mass, Center of Mass, and Moment of Inertia Relate to Speed Training?

21:52 — How is The Stack System different to SuperSpeed Sticks?

23:56 — How To Integrate The Stack System into a Workout Plan

27:05 — Biomechanics & Neuromechanics

28:58 — The Four Components That Determine Club Head Speed

37:17 — Clarifying The Meaning of “Work”, “Power”, and “Energy”

41:56 — Dr. MacKenzies Work With Matthew Fitzpatrick

43:21 — Swinging Faster With Less Effort

45:28 - Impact of Body Composition on Club Head Speed

48:31 — The Stack Putting System

55:04 — Common Mistakes Made When Pursuing More Club Head Speed

56:18 — Guidelines For Integrating Stack With Existing Workout Programs

58:43 — Insights Into Matthew Fitzpatrick’s Data Driven Approach to Golf

1:01:17 — What’s Something You’ve Changed Your Mind About?

1:02:56 — What’s a Mistake You Made Early In Your Career?

1:04:33 — Dr. MacKenzie’s Thoughts on Bryson DeChambeau’s Speed Training Approach

1:07:27 — Book Recommendations

The Stack System

The Stack System: Website


Dr. Sasho MacKenzie’s Publications - Website

Book Recommendation #1: Every Shot Counts

Book Recommendation #2: Search For The Perfect Swing

Book Recommendation #3: Thinking, Fast and Slow

Author Recommendation #1: John Feinstein

Author Recommendation #2: Richard Feyman

About Dr. Sasho MacKenzie

Golf’s foremost biomechanist, Dr. Sasho MacKenzie is the research practitioner behind the world’s top golf coaches - his work and theories have driven a scientific, evidence-based revolution in golf instruction and movement training.

Sasho’s area of expertise is the training and biomechanics of speed generation. The Stack System allows Sasho to share his research findings and training wisdom directly with you, using the same tools, techniques, and nuances that he uses to speed train Tour players he has consulted.

Sasho is an Engineering Consultant for PING and a Biomechanics Advisor and Software Developer for Footjoy.  He has published over 20 golf related research articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals and has been invited to speak to golf instructors for the PGA of Australia, Great Britain & Ireland, Spain, and the French Golf Federation. In 2018, Dr. MacKenzie was the Key Note speaker at the World Scientific Congress of Golf. He is a regular contributor to Golf Magazine and has been a featured guest on countless other golf podcasts, international radio shows, and television episodes.

In addition to golf, Sasho has worked with multiple MLB teams as a biomechanics/bat fitting consultant – including the 2020 World Series Champions L.A. Dodgers.

Dr. MacKenzie is a professor of Sports Biomechanics at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia where he also puts his expertise into action, having won back-to-back club championships in 2020 and 2021.