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Mental Skills Training w/ Dr. Michael Gerson (Part 2)

Mental Skills Training w/ Dr. Michael Gerson (Part 2)

Crafting Your Personal Creed: Transforming Your Inner Dialogue

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The Value of Mental Skills Training

Mental performance is a stepping stone rather than a stopping place.


Thoughts Impact Behavior

If you are pessimistic or have a lot of intrusive thoughts that aren't helpful, then how does it not impact your emotional state, the way you treat other people and yourself, and how you act and behave?


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1:06 — Misconceptions About Mental Performance/Sport Psychology

3:31 — Experience As Seattle Mariners Mental Skills Coach

10:51 — Developing Personal Creed

18:52 — Advice For Athletes/Coaches

19:51 — Book Recommendations & Current Projects


Book Recommendation #1: On the Road

Book Recommendation #2: Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization

Book Recommendation #3: The Mind Illuminated

Book Recommendation #4: Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement: Mental Training for Athletes and Coaches

Book Recommendation #5: The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance

Book Recommendation #6: Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body

Book Recommendation #7: How We Live Is How We Die

Transcend Performance:

Mission Six Zero:

About Dr. Michael Gerson

Dr. Michael Gerson is a clinical and sport psychologist with a passion for helping individuals achieve personal and professional excellence. He has over a decade of experience training a diverse range of soldier-athlete-clinical populations in the field of performance, sport, military, health, and clinical psychology. He is an Assistant Professor at National University, Owner of Transcend Performance, and Director of Mental Skills at Mission 6 Zero. Previously he served as a Mental Skills Director for the Seattle Mariners. When he's not coaching or teaching, you can find Dr. Gerson spending time with his family or engaging in meditation and Tai Chi practices.

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