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Neurofeedback and Golf Performance w/ Dr. Debbie Crews (Part 2)

Neurofeedback and Golf Performance w/ Dr. Debbie Crews (Part 2)

Overcoming the Yips and Experiencing the Zone with Neurofeedback

The Zone

You can't just say, blink three times and you'll be in “The Zone”. We want them to learn to dial it in on command, and if you know you can dial the “Zone in”, then you don't have to be afraid of losing it.

Neurofeedback training, such as OptiBrain, enables golfers to identify when they are in “The Zone”. The objective is not to rely solely on this technology, but to use it to recognize the feeling of being in that state and subsequently learn to access it during play.


There's your authentic you, and then there are different sides of you that come out in different situations…we call them “mini-me’s”, and the “mini-me” who steps up to the ball precedes everything else.

Dr. Crews suggests that golfers should identify the various sub-personalities or "mini-me's" that emerge while playing golf, and hit a few shots with each one of them. By doing this, they can distinguish between the ones that are beneficial to their performance and the ones that are harmful.

Experiential Learning

It's only learned when it's experienced. Just talking about it isn't enough. Until they've experienced it and it's integrated into their system, it's probably not gonna happen under pressure.

Implementing mental performance tools for golf is (usually) simple, but the challenge is consistently practicing them like any other aspect of the game, so they can be relied upon under pressure.

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0:48 - The Yips

9:33 — Pre-Shot Routine Advice

14:36 — Advice For Coaches

15:49 — Post-Shot Routine Advice

16:11 — Pre-Shot Routine Attention Cues

17:14 — OptiBrain (Neurofeedback Training Tool)

21:52 — Experiencing “The Zone”

26:36 — Research Questionnaire For Listeners

27:07 — Book Recommendations


Book Recommendation: The Rise of Superman: Decoding The Science of Ultimate Human Performance

Movie Recommendation: Peaceful Warrior


Better Your Best:

Research Questionnaire on Flow vs. The Zone:

About Dr. Debbie Crews

Dr. Debbie Crews is the Founder and Director of Opti Brain. Based on 30+ years of research, Dr. Crews has created systems designed to improve performance in a variety of arenas. Specific to the Opti Brain/OptiTrain apps, she has collected a large portion of research data from golfers, archers, shooters, and the special needs population (ADHD, Autism) and has expanded her work to include basketball, baseball, education and military. She is widely recognized expert in sports psychology. With extensive experience as a Sport Psychology Consultant to the Arizona State University Women's Golf Team and as an Advisory Board Member of the Swedish Golf Federation, Chair of the World Scientific Congress of Golf, and a member of the Expert Advisory Board of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers Organization

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