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Neurofeedback and Golf Performance w/ Dr. Debbie Crews (Part 1)

Neurofeedback and Golf Performance w/ Dr. Debbie Crews (Part 1)

Exploring the Brain's Role in Achieving Peak Performance

Optimal Performance State

It doesn't matter the sport, gun shooting, archery, golf, or karate, a good performance state is similar.

The optimal mental state is achieved when, just before initiating movement, there is a decrease in heart rate and a shift in brain activity from the left hemisphere to the right hemisphere. This results in a more balanced mental state.

Purposeful Routines

It's important for every component of the routine to have a purpose.

Although the duration of a pre-shot routine remains relatively consistent among elite athletes, its effectiveness is not determined by its length. Rather, it is the actions performed during this time that have an impact on an athlete's performance.

The Power of Imagery

Too many golfers are waiting to see how the ball's gonna come out instead of programming how they want it to come out and then seeing if it happens.

Executing a shot without a clear image or desired outcome, is an indication of an ineffective pre-shot routine. During a pre-shot routine, it is important to set a clear intention and focus one's attention on achieving that intention.

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1:00 — Professional & Academic Background

3:40 — Flow vs The Zone

6:18 —Parts of the Brain & Brain Waves

10:48 — Ideal Performance State

13:23 — Pre-Shot Routine & Post-Shot Routine

23:03 — Performing Under Pressure

27:25 — Heart Rate & Ideal Performance State

30:41 — Performance Breakdowns / Choking


Paper #1: The effect of a preshot attentional routine on a well-learned skill

Paper #2: Electroencephalographic measures of attentional patterns prior to the golf putt.


Better Your Best:

Research Questionnaire on Flow vs. The Zone:

About Dr. Debbie Crews

Dr. Debbie Crews is the Founder and Director of Opti Brain. Based on 30+ years of research, Dr. Crews has created systems designed to improve performance in a variety of arenas. Specific to the Opti Brain/OptiTrain apps, she has collected a large portion of research data from golfers, archers, shooters, and the special needs population (ADHD, Autism) and has expanded her work to include basketball, baseball, education and military. She is widely recognized expert in sports psychology. With extensive experience as a Sport Psychology Consultant to the Arizona State University Women's Golf Team and as an Advisory Board Member of the Swedish Golf Federation, Chair of the World Scientific Congress of Golf, and a member of the Expert Advisory Board of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers Organization

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