May 15 • 19M

Emotional Self-Regulation w/ Dr. Sebastian Brückner (Part 3)

Understanding the Link Between Behavior, Thoughts, Emotions, and Physiology

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Dr. Noah Sachs, PGA
Noah Sachs explores topics related to coaching and elite sports performance. Through interviews, books, and personal experiences, Noah shares ideas and discusses concepts that can help coaches and athletes perform at the highest level.
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Integrated Performance Model

You can't expect to change your thinking and that'll be enough to completely change your behavior and outcomes. You also have to consider the emotional and physiological levels.


Organizational Change

Making it the responsibility of an individual to make sure that they navigate those challenges isn't always doing the issue complete justice. You should really be working on changing some of the organizational issues. But my experience is that a lot of organizations in high-performance sports aren't really open and ready for that approach.


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1:15 — Organizational Change

4:51 — Integrated Performance Model

7:48 — Book Recommendations

10:04 — Circular Model of Action

15:06 — Current Projects


Book Recommendation #1: Coherence by Dr. Alan Watkins

Book Recommendation #2: The Mental Athlete by Kay Porter

About Dr. Sebastian Brückner

Dr. Sebastian Brückner is an internationally recognized expert in applied sport psychology. Besides working in private practice as mental performance consultant and leadership coach he provides consultancy to ongoing projects funded by the German Federal Institute of Sport Science (BISp) and European Union, and acts as a reviewer for (inter)national sport psychology journals. He has served the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) in multiple roles: chairing the International Relations Committee, as AASP Newsletter Editor, member of the inaugural Advocacy Committee, and co-editor of the 13th edition of AASP’s Graduate Program Directory.

Consultation and interventions he delivers are heavily based on a strong commitment to a scientist-practitioner approach where research informs interventions. His applied work, specifically with the German National Badminton Team, has led to facilitation of elite coaches’ education and leadership training programs. Sebastian has established projects with colleagues at Muenster University, Boston University and Kingston University London, where he has been appointed as Honorary Research Fellow.

After studying at Saarland University, Texas A&M University and the University of Tennessee, Sebastian worked at Saarbruecken Olympic Training Center from 2008- 2017. There, he worked with (junior) national team and Olympic (caliber) athletes on mental training and dual-career transitions from a holistic, humanistic performance- enhancement perspective. In 2017 Sebastian joined the Department of Sport & Exercise Psychology at the University of Muenster. From 2018-2020, he worked as Executive Manager and Head of Applied/Certification Services for the German Society for Sport Psychology. Since 2021 he has successfully established his private practice.